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April 6, 2010

The new website of the School of Highland Dancing in Basel is online. Our designer here at esense‘s has given it a wonderful scottish kilt style, the photo for which he actually took from the original uniforms of the performers. The website is built on Magnolia CMS 4.2 with an extra helping of some nice Cufon stylings.

Advertisements redesigned

January 15, 2010

And again, our designer has taken a good moment’s time to freshen up Everytime a new version comes along, it somehow gets even more beautiful. online

November 15, 2009

Vosseler is a company for laboratory systems based in Basel. The design for the website was made by Lima-Kilo-Whiskey. We’ve implemented the site using Magnolia 4.0 Community Edition and Cufon. This has been the first joint project with Lima-Kilo-Whiskey and we hope many more are going to follow. redesigned

November 1, 2009

For the winter season, our designer has entirely redesigned one of our sponsoring projects, It’s become a truly amazing site, and we’re proud to list it here. It’s implemented using Magnolia 4.0 Community Edition and Cufon. online

September 15, 2009

ritadesign is a small fashion label with quite some tradition based in Basel. We’ve designed the new website and have implemented it using Magnolia 4.0 Community Edition with Cufon integration. As a special feature, the moon phase over Basel is rendered real-time.

How to Display Non-Web Fonts Without Using Flash

July 30, 2009

Ever encountered the problem that your client wanted the corporate font which was not a web-compliant font? Well, that’s over. With Cufon you can easily and fast render any given font and use it as real text on your website.

Cufon takes a True Type Font (.ttf) and generates a Javascript which contains all vector information. You just include the Javascript and the font will be used in the specified site elements.

Of course, a True Type Font is often proprietory, so you’ll have to buy that. But if you do a website for a corporation, they mostly own the font anyway. And Cufon is free. You may donate, and please do so, because it’s a great innovation.

>> Find more information on Cufon here