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How to Display Non-Web Fonts Without Using Flash

July 30, 2009

Ever encountered the problem that your client wanted the corporate font which was not a web-compliant font? Well, that’s over. With Cufon you can easily and fast render any given font and use it as real text on your website.

Cufon takes a True Type Font (.ttf) and generates a Javascript which contains all vector information. You just include the Javascript and the font will be used in the specified site elements.

Of course, a True Type Font is often proprietory, so you’ll have to buy that. But if you do a website for a corporation, they mostly own the font anyway. And Cufon is free. You may donate, and please do so, because it’s a great innovation.

>> Find more information on Cufon here


iStorage for iPhone: How to Transfer Data to iPhone Without iTunes

June 26, 2009

Looking for an easy way to transfer data from your computer to your iPhone? That’s right, here it is: iStorage.

  1. Download the app
  2. Open iStorage
  3. Go to “Settings” -> “Network” -> File Sharing (WebDAV)
  4. Enter a username and a password
  5. Set “Run” to “ON”. Now you have an IP listed in the bottom section of your iPhone’s screen
  6. Open Finder on your Mac
  7. Press Apple+K
  8. Enter the IP listed on your iPhone
  9. Press “Connect”. Enter Username and Password. Now Finder will mount your iPhone as a shared drive and you can start moving data.

iStorage, unfortunately, is not free. It comes at around 6$, but that’s definitely worth it. It’s easy to use, safe and fast. You’ll love it!

Magnolia 4.1 CMS Released: Better, Faster, More – And Still Simple

June 18, 2009

Magnolia International has released Version 4.1 of Magnolia CMS. The new version adds quite a number of very useful and easy-to-apply features to the already vast set of out-of-the-box functionalities.

Magnolia 4.1 is an enterprise content management solution for all needs. The new Standard Templating Kit now includes different and enhanced teaser possibilities with cropping and resizing of images, category management, aggregated RSS, FAQ, calendars, commenting and much more.

Unlike other CMS, the extension of features and possiblities has not made Magnolia slower or more complicated. It is still as easy to apply and as fast to learn as it was before. But now, User Generated Content and Social Networking has become a full-grown part.

esense gmbh in Basel is specialized in Magnolia integration and migration for national and international clients. A premium Magnolia partner for years, esense has contributed to what Magnolia has become in the last decade.

>> See esense official website
>> See Magnolia’s website for more information on 4.1

Bug Tracking with JIRA by Atlassian

April 2, 2009

esense now uses Atlassian JIRA for Bug Tracking in OpenSource projects. We have evaluated different bug tracking systems that are opensource. After seeing that they all have their weaknesses, we have decided to go with JIRA instead. JIRA allows for the structuring, planning and organizing of future and running projects. When you work with large teams decentrally, JIRA is simply the best you can get. It’s easy to use and easy to train.

Installing and configuring JIRA is done in just a few minutes. We first set up a test instance on a local Mac here in our office and then redid the installation on Moving all data was easy, by export and import, all data were simply there in the new place.

Atlassian offers three editions of JIRA: Enterprise, Professional and Standard. Standard is mostly enough for smaller enterprises. If you need workflows and dynamic roles and LDAP, you may want to consider the bigger packages. I recommend you simply download the free trial version which comes with Apache TomCat (Apache uses JIRA for bug tracking, by the way), install it and create your biggest project and see if it’s enough. Rest assured that one of the many nice things about JIRA is that evaluating it by installing and configuring it will not take you a whole day.

JIRA has a clever licensing system where you pay upfront a one-time license fee which provides you with a key and one year of support and updates. If after this year you decide you need to go on with support and updates, you will have no problem paying another year. Because by then you will have seen that JIRA is just too good not to have it. There is also the possibility of applying for reduced or even free licenses if you are a non-profit organisation or if you use JIRA to administer an openSource project.

Let’s have short overview of what makes JIRA so good:

  • hassle-free installation
  • configuration without reading tons of documentation
  • even non-techies can learn how to use JIRA with a minimum of training
  • different databases: we work with MySQL, the default installation uses the server memory. You can use SQL Server or Oracle etc. as well
  • it is completely browser-based
  • you can assign issues to different members of a project team and configure which permission may view which information
  • there is no limit to users or projects
  • excellent performance

Just try it. If you want to organize a project effectively, be it in small or bigger project teams, you need bug tracking. And JIRA is the best you can get.