Archive for the ‘Case Studies’ Category successfully migrated from Magnolia 3.5.4 to Magnolia 4.2.3

March 16, 2010

We have successfully completed the migration of from Magnolia CMS 3.5.4 to Magnolia 4.2.3. It has gone online just now. We have migrated the entire website, all contents and users without hassle. This is just one thing that makes Magnolia our CMS of choice.

Advertisements goes online

June 26, 2009

Oekotaxi is a project initiated by Grosspeter AG in Basel. Several cab companies offer rides in Honda Insights featuring Oekopacks. They produce significantly less CO2 while charging the same fees as other cabs. And the Pirelli Cinturato tires add to the optimization, too. has been set up by esense using Magnolia 4.1, the best Content Management System known to us. The site was designed by osw.

Upgrade JIRA from Standard to Enterprise

April 7, 2009

Upgrading JIRA is simple and fast, just like installing it to begin with. We have upgraded a Standard Trial Version to a licensed Enterprise and it did not cause any problems.

  1. Download the JIRA version you want to upgrade to
  2. Make an XML-Export of you running system (Administration -> Import&Export -> Backup Data to XML)
  3. Backup the databases and attachments
  4. Drop all tables in your old database
  5. Upload the new downloaded JIRA and install it
  6. Point it to the old database
  7. Import all data from the XML-Export file

…and done. It’s that easy, and it’s done within half an hour.